Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Women and Art Theory

Have been brushing up on my Feminist theory to prepare for lesson to teach the girls. Not easy to describe this big complex issue simply so had to step on the brain engine a bit. Had to read up myself first to get the facts right. It's a joy to share what you like with earnest students. I hope this is not just a facade for the first few lessons and the girls are as good as the teachers have said. Haven't read academic text for a long time, so may take longer to digest. Still praying over teaching - I hope I haven't made the wrong decision to return to teaching, but my friends keep telling me that I should not be so concerned cos to them, teaching is probably the easiest job around. I beg to differ, but I dunno much about their work to disagree either. Friends in the corporate world deal with projects costing real money and cents, and when it comes to the chime, it's always gonna be that much more stressful. They grapple with the no.1 objective in a capitalist economy - self proliferation - daily and constantly work under the pressure to perform and deliver. Otherwise, they may face the possibility of being removed. Well, it certainly sounds more horrifying than teaching doesn't it?

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