Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Space in Stupor

The space above (not represented) is reserved for my stupor

whilst the rest of the space below,
I plan a fair bit for procrastination,
then gestation
when talent doesn't manifest,
just to fill up the space.
Until Brilliance comes to me
and illuminate this page,
herein this space
figments of its radiance
from afar, casting
silhouettes between lines
quivering shadows in a breeze,
flickering and flirting
with the greatness that comes to pass between this girth
swirling and waiting...

Now, left with
illegible stains on a telling glass,
dirty red with a deep film
of rue
on its cusp,
crown of my seat
my space in stupor.

(Have been unearthing old-dunno what I can call them from old sketchbooks. It's like, what was that about? keke)

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