Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Geek Council

So, that was Tashi wriggling himself into my shirt - 1 of those cute moments, courtesy of dog ownership sans the labour and trouble that precedes such Kodak moments. Flowers were shots from a flower market at Bedok where my in-laws stay. Chinese elders love flowers during the CNY seasons like bread with peanut and butter. Father in law showed me around revealing how regular he must have been at this make-shift nursery. I remember my bro and I used to hover about toy shops to assure we get the best deal, all the time expanding our list to buy,only restrained by our 20, 30 cents saving per day-if we starved ourselves-buying power. Otherwise, we somehow fulfill our desire by temporal possession of handling them within the shop. In a way, Father in law is behaving very much like we did then. Well, he's got time to burn anyway, might as well waste time than money and space-at-home if he bought whatever he fancies. Went out to take heaps (369 shots in all) of pics of clouds yesterday. Got to do a project on it. Just returned from another Teh Alia session with friend. The usual gathering of 3 was 1 short tonight. We shall call my friend the Geek because of what he wore tonight (look at pic) and by extension, for the purpose of classification, the friend absent just now shall be known as Geek no. 2, and thereof, our meeting ups shall be known as The Geek Council. Already 12 again. I love the night, it's when I come alive. Unfortunately, I've been in a profession that requires early hours since I begun work. Anyway, so Geek no.1 and I talked about this and that, and it's a good time of discharge and sharing. This kind of exchange sometimes helps us refine our experiences to provide a clearer view of things. Life not bad like this actually, with still the energy to catch up with friends in the eves. I never really feel up to it in the past; always overladen with things on the mind. Gotta learn to let go, but then again, what have I been doing for the past year if not relaxing? Hahaha. Geek no. 1 said he's keeping a blog. I'm keeping a blog too. Suddenly blogging becomes a meaningful activity. Why the sudden need to share publicly, to garner some attention with world wide web potential? Well, nobody reads my blog anyway except me. It's strange but I find myself the need to communicate with myself. This blog is more for me to interact with myself, so that I reflect aloud and hope such introspection will somehow do a limited character in this ineffable world good. Our council today concurred on the notion of good communication being the basis of a good relationship. So, it's good that I start by developing good communication with myself haha. Yeah, good communication fires up relations to white heat beyond every other aspects. Have I ever had a relationship this intensely charged before? Hmmm, but what if the relationship falls into a mundane pattern as all events in life do? What if the later stages of the relationship does not fulfill the promise of the explosive characteristics of earlier days? That's when communication saves the day isn't it? Shut up! Go to sleep!

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