Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watched a Jap movie with wife yesterday. Title of the film is 'Departure'. Plot revolves around a man who lost his dream job and stumbled onto a new career in casketry (if ever there was this word). In his new job, the protagonist has to prepare the dead for their journey into the next world, which explains the title. The film reveals this Jap tradition that I haven't seen on tv or read off. It's quite interesting to see how the Japs put effort into everything they do. The ritual of cleansing and preparing the dead is executed with tenderness and careful touches; and as I was watching the show, the thought of having my body I leave behind when my time is up, pampered this way before it is disposed of, is rather comforting. This profession is unfortunately frowned upon in the Jap society so the protagonist had to face opposition from a friend and his wife, who even left him briefly. She changed her mind later when she witnessed her husband in action, performing the rites on one of their acquaintances who passed away. She was touched by the dignity and respect restored for the dead in this job and that removed her earlier discriminative sentiments. All in all, this show falls in the tear jerker category. Go in with tissues and a pair of shades to cover up when the lights turn on.

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