Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crocs... Otters... Uncommon Woodpeckers and other Greater Uncommon species...

Spent an idyllic afternoon with some old friends at Sungei Buloh today. Haven't met up for some time, and yet we missed out the customary group pic. Have only these pics to show. Brought all my gears but got set up by my batt. The reading was full bar when I set off, but I could only shoot a few pics with it before it busted. All these 3rd party manufacturers! Sigh! Ended up stalking nature without batt. So, not many pics at all except for some on this unique looking spider. It looks like a cross between a spider and cuttlefish (liu hee - only the Hokkien literate may attempt to comprehend). Actually, it looks like snacks to me hmm... I am sure Malcolm will agree with me. Got to see wild otters too, a family of them feeding off some fish. Such a rare sight. Wild otters le, didn't know they were breeding off our backyard right? Like one day if u just bump into them when you turn an alley and they are scavenging off some trash in the bin, you would be like "Ah Aliens! Call Mata! Call SPS! (Singapore Paranormal Society) Help! The attack of the 'V'! Geckos! Ouch! They are staring at me now! No! I no food! No! Arrgggh.....!" Pardon my over-acting. Saw some Uncommon Woodpeckers too, really, that's their name. They are called Uncommon because they are uncommon; just in case it puzzles you why they are uncommon, they are uncommon because they are uncommon; and if they are even uncommon in this part of the world where it is their natural habitat and they are supposed to be common, woo, they must truly be Uncommon uncommon. Then we walk across a bridge over a dried up stream bed and I screamed "Crocs!" Everybody was not really shocked because they must have known I was probably referring to my wife's Crocs shoes. But that was the essence of my joke - the right response to my cold joke! Yah! Ok, enough crap for the day! Can anyone identify this species of spider and tell me its scientific name. Pls dun tell me it is Spider-lius! I also know a bit of Latin hor!

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